At MJ we offer boutique style service, excelling at building beautiful, durable and modern bathrooms. We know your bathroom renovations is an investment to your home’s value, comfort, convenience and enjoyment. We guarantee completion dates are kept on time with independent quality control as a standard.

Make your home more functional and stylish with premium renovations and remodeling from South Africa’s best bathroom renovators and designers.

Every project starts with a phone call and ends with a celebration. Are you tempted to explore a potential bathroom renovations with us?

Our designers will guide you through the myriad of decisions needed to create a bespoke solution. Form function and flow are accessed before aesthetics and style. A complete personalised service including product selection in the comfort of your own home.

You will benefit from our expertise in every aspect of your design and construction. Ensuring all the details are included before you invest on your project.

Our designers are ready to speak to you. Call now on +2799880863

Let us handle your next project?

We can help you to enjoy the comfort of a long hot bath or shower in a modern state of the art bathroom. Our extensive experience of bathroom fitting enables us to provide a wide range of solutions when fitting or designing a bathroom. No matter what size your bathroom or your budget is we can create the bathroom of your dreams.

From design to completion, we will take care of everything, including all the tiling, plastering, flooring, plumbing and electrical work.

We will advise and, together with you, design your bathroom free of charge. If you simply wish to modify your existing bathroom we are happy to take on the smaller projects to improve your bathing needs and update your home.

Bathroom Renovations